Thursday, July 11, 2013

The demon printer has met its demise...

So the chap came from TVNZ to film it. It was my idea that Dad could run over it in his 1915 model T. It seemed fitting to despatch the evil printer by destroying it with something that is almost 100 years old and still works. Given the printer is over 2 years old and NEVER worked. 

Dad had the bright idea of pulling it to bits with chains. So we rigged it up and it worked a treat. 

But I did have to finish it off with a pick axe. 

This is a picture of a very happy man...

So it's all over the demonic printer is gone and the public got what they wanted.

I was finally over. 

Or so I thought...

After the  show screened I was sitting at home on my own and there was a knock at the door. 

When I opened it there was no one there but this was sitting on my doorstep.

Well played whoever did this. Well played.


  1. maybe this one works lol

  2. Oh hell, i pictured it in a box and stuff... that is out there... I'm just dreading the bits I'm going to get in the mail :/

  3. I just love it, it has been the best story I have read, it has made me smile and now some-one has played the trump card, so what do you do now, start all over again!!!!

    1. I'm tempted. But I don't know if I could go through that all over again. It was hard work!

  4. You messed with the devil man. That is bad ju ju my brother. It's not over until you bring in a priest and some holy water.

  5. offer it to Kevin071 for a million bucks