Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Dishonorable Man

So recently I received this message on my Facebook account. 

I'm on Facebook as Nicholas Finlay Thurston Ward. It was the early days of bookface and it told me to input my whole name I really didn't know how to change. It seems that Mr Kozah didn't look at my whole name and assumed my last name was Finlay. No worries because, as I was to discover, Mr Zozah, Attorney at Law, wasn't a man who paid a great deal of attention to the details. 

So I set up a separate Gmail account got started with my correspondence with Mr Kozah.

Seems legit. Although I'm not sure what a western union transfer has to do with using my account to access the late Mr Finlay's unclaimed millions. Still let's go with it. However if  Mr Kozah thought he was going to have an easy ride he was sadly mistaken. 

Mr Kojak seemed unflustered by my illegal plutonium importing.  

I set up a dodgy online account to use with this under the name of Nicholas Finlay. Again totally unconnected to anything that could come back to the real me.

They fell for it!

And so ends my dealings with Mr Kozah. Sadly his email seems to have been disabled. I do hope he's okay. I'm donating his money to the RSPCA you'll be happy to hear.