Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Time to start ticking off some of these projects. 

Sometimes I get an idea and it just sticks. So anyhoo I was in the hobby shop and I spotted these tiny guns. The chaps who make the little ward dioramas use these kits to tool up their soldiers. (If you're interested that's a spanish chocolate bar in the corner it's important to keep your energy levels up when you're working hard on these projects).

I was looking at the kit and part of me said "I want them." So I bought them. Then I decided to stick little pins to them. 

Then the next step seemed to be to paint them white. 

Then I had a bit of a go at how they might look mounted up. 

Not bad. A little more finessing perhaps. And maybe a title.

And a fancy frame. 

And I'll put it up on the wall and take a smart piccie of it with my hipstermatic. 

Out of focus and a bit crap but they look well smart. Honestly. Continuing my gun theme my next project will be building a replica dessert eagle handgun. But what should I make it out of? Hmmm.  

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The King of Road...

Those of you that know me know that I love my Holden Kingswood. She's a beaten up old girl but driving her is an utter pleasure. She's not built for driving around town - this beast is made to escape on adventures. But she's in need of some TLC and the time has come to start tidying her up. 
The last owner installed air shocks in the beast. This meant she kept deflating and dragging on the ground. If the back seat was full on my fat mates this resulted in a shower of sparks and having to stop every half hour to re-inflate the shocks. Not great so out come the shocks and some new beauties go in. While I was there I decided I might as well put some new springs in too. In go-faster red no less. 
Nice. Now the other problem with the car have been the mag tyres... 

They're old classics but sadly the aluminum has become porous over the years. They had a slow leak and would go flat after a few days sitting up. So I’d be stopping to blow up the shocks and the tyres at regular intervals! In fact once of the back left one decided to blow on the Foxton bridge - the bridge is two very narrow lanes on state highway one. No pulling over. I had to keep driving and shred the bloody tyre. The end result wasn't pretty. 

So new mags. These proved pretty difficult to source. There’s not a big market for new mags on a car that’s 38 years old and not many around. But some rum chaps in Ozzie do make them. However I did have to sit around and wait until they had enough orders to press some new ones. They’re simple and not too fussy and they rejoice in the name “spitfires” Brent at Browning Motors was happy to buy the old mags off me so they’ve gone to a good home. It was a rainy day when I put these beauties on but there was sun shining in my heart I can tell you. 

Ooo aren't they sweet? It was a some hard work but I can report that she’s riding like a dream and I’m using a lot less “free air” If you fancy a spin when the sun comes out then give me a shout. We’ll roll down the windows, put on our wrap-arounds and blast some AccaDacca out the speakers. 

Monday, September 6, 2010


What the hell have I been doing? Well I originally set up this blog to document the many projects I've got going. However the projects are proving to be a lot more complicated than I first thought and I haven't had as much time as I'd hoped.

So this is something of a teaser. Here's an insight into some of the things I'm currently working on. Some of them speak for themselves while others can afford to be a bit more mysterious until I unveil them in the hopefully not-to-distant-future.