Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Holiday you say?

I just had a random call offering a "free holiday" I told the dude with the American accent that the person they were calling was in hospital fighting to stay alive. I got all excited and told them that the "free trip" was something to live for. Where could I pick up the tickets? I don't believe it the prick still kept trying to sell me on their bogus offer. Then I told him this wonderful offer was making me think twice about turning off the life support. Where could I pick up the tickets? He still kept up the hard sell. I told him I was also dying and this was a shining light in a year of darkness. He still kept up the sell. Then I explained that our kiwifruit farm had been destroyed in the recent earthquake. And that our dog had contracted feline AIDS. I explained that this win felt like a turning point. He still kept it up. Then I pretended to put him on hold. When I got back to him I said the police were at my door and had discovered my meth lab. I asked if I could call him back and he asked when he could call me back! I pretended to ask the police when would be a convenient time and reported back to say I was going to be in prison for a very, very long time. Finally, the guy gave up.

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