Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sometimes stories run us down in the street.

I happened onto this photo on the inter web. I can't remember where. It was from a series of old black and white photographs that had been beautifully and lovingly colorized buy some clever artist.

Chances are the people in this picture are long since dust but look at their faces and their expressions. I especially like the way they're all looking at the camera. At us. With such casual detachment. Even the driver.

There's a story in here somewhere I know it. I just have to find it. As a writer this is something that happens to us time after time. If we go looking for stories they will hide from us. If we relax and open our minds they will, instead, seek us out.


  1. That pic reminds me of every frame of Boardwalk Empire. You are right. I want to know the whole story too.

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    1. Hello H.M. I'm sorry I missed this message I've been extremely busy working on a movie. It's all very intriguing. Am I too late to take part?