Friday, April 23, 2010

And begin...

Why do we blog? This is the question. The question I’ve been asking myself before I set off on this little exercise. Do we blog to send our thoughts out into cyberspace in the hopes of making a connection with like minds? Do we do it to entertain? Or inform? Do we do it because we have a point of view we want to impress on others or a world view that we hope will spark the web?

When I consider blogs that I enjoy - “Stuff White People Like”, “Calvin’s Cave of Canadian Coolness”, “Topless Robot”, “Oddee”, “Gizmodo” “Positive Ape” - these quirky blogs inform me, inspire me, make me laugh and have a attitude and sense of themselves that make others gravitate towards them.

I’ve also been considering my friends blogs as well. Phil’s “A day in the life of Harvey & Gilmot” speaks on subjects he knows all to well; advertising, media and the joy of a full windsor are all there on his blog. All presented with his unique style and wry wit. Then there’s Saz’s “Libramentum” blog where she shares the daily adventures of her life. Her style just assumes we know all about her family and her staggering knowledge of aircrafts and books. Which is oddly inclusive. Last, but by no means least, is my sisters blog. “Jess life update” does exactly what it says on the box. She makes sure we’re all up-to-date with her travels and what’s happening in her corner of the world. Jegg is presently in Spain with food poisoning.

So what can I add? What shape will my blog take? Well I thought I’d t use this place to share some stuff with you. I’m a professional screenwriter so I can chat about that. The challenges and tribulations of that part of my life. The articles I’ve written for various publications. Yes you’ll find tidbits from that side of my life but the weight of this blog will lean towards my adventures and the various creative projects I’ve decided to embark on. That - I hope - should be enough.

Shall we begin?


  1. Delighted to find you've joined the world of blogging. I've a feeling it will be a more entertaining place with you in it. Now, if we can just get you on to Twitter....

  2. Welcome to the revolution Brother Nick. I so appreciate what you said about my tiny contribution to the world of blogging. I added you to my blog roll so that I can follow your progress.