Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These boots were made for walking...

In the continuing series of things I've found on the ground. For some reason I've spotted a lot of abandoned shoes recently. 

An arty colour picture to get us started. I don't think the urine stain on the ground had anything to do with the shoes at least I hope it hasn't.  

I like the way this cuban heel has ended up lying across the road marking. Almost as if it's standing on top of the line.

These shoes were standing on a back road off K'road in a little area frequented by "ladies of the night"  

I wonder if she was abducted by aliens and beamed up into the mothership? Just leaving the shoes behind. 

And finally this pair of shoes stranded on a traffic island. 

I don't know about you but there's something sad about these shoes standing a lonely vigil on a busy road. 

Then back to the shoes we started with - but this time in arty B&W. 

They put me in mind of an old saying...

"Walk a mile in your enemy's moccasins. Then you'll be a mile a way and you'll also have their moccasins."


  1. ONE abandoned shoe I can understand. But a pair of them...that match...that is lunacy. In nearly all my dreams I have no shoes and I am looking for shoes. Suddenly I will be wearing shoes so I can leave a building in my dreams and go out into the snow where the shoes now have magically vanished. They aren't dreams. They are nightmares. I have having 'Paul is Dead' flashbacks. (remember he was shoeless on the cover of 'Abbey Road' and they bury people without shoes - what the hell is THAT about)

  2. Indeed what the hell is that about. Most of us have dreams of having no clothes but you my friend - no shoes. Damn but you're an interesting cat. I've finally catalogued all my "lost and found" pictures and I'm going to start trickling them out on my blog stay tuned abandoned shoes is just the beginning...

  3. You've an eye for detail my friend.

  4. Actually, I don't understand how you lose your shoes. I can see misplacing them within a house, but even good and drunked up I've yet to leave my shoes anywhere.

    I've been watching lost mittens/gloves in Minneapolis lately. The poor bereft little things are everywhere -- never two, of course, but just one lonely, displaced hand. I'm working on a piece right now about this. It's something of a glove story.



  5. Pearl - Glove Story. Has the makings of either a wonderful bittersweet short story or a Pixar's next huge hit!