Friday, March 11, 2011

Beds are the new Couches

My regular visitors will be well aware of my fondness for photographing abandoned couches and chairs however recently I have spotted a new trend. Mattresses.

On one of my wanders I discovered these. In my mind there is something both beautiful and disturbing about them. 

So there I was thinking these were unrelated events. But I was soon put right when I discovered the motherlode. You can tell very well from this picture but this woman's front yard and down the side of her house is littered with chairs, couches and mattresses. I only got the chance to take one picture before the woman opened her window and started yelling abuse at me

Many of you have wondered what on earth I'm doing wandering the streets taking these random pictures well I'm figuring it's a genetic thing - my cousin completely independently of me does the same thing but with even more success. Check out his website Weird in Wellington for his much more comprehensive take on the streets of our capital city.  

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