Thursday, March 24, 2011

Come take a walk with me...

Last night I hand a skinful of booze with my friend Bob. While we were in the bar he told me that the bat above the toilet was the only one in the room that wasn't smiling. You know he was right. See how happy the lower bat is and how very unhappy the upper bat is?

The toilets at the IVY bar in Kingsland are covered in pictures of animals taken out of an old botanical book. It's a cool look. Here especially for my interweb heroes - Kal - is a picture of his mortal enemy.

Now for reasons best known to my drunken brain I decided to walk home. Along the way I decided to take a few photographs. On the way home I decided to snap off a few shots of my journey. So armed only with my phone camera and the pretty cool hipstamatic I proceeded to take some shots of my journey home. Now I have very little memory of doing this but in the morning I found them on my phone. Come with me now and experience Nick's drunken walk across the cycle track...

Feeling drunk yet?

I reckon these are pretty cool. Drunken photography is something I should explore more.

Old coin eyes is watching you.

In the day time is where I buy pies. Sometimes.

And here waiting in the driveway, at the end of my journey, is my trusty steed, my Kingswood. Home safe. In the Wood of Kings. 


  1. If you put all these together into a video file I'm sure it will look just like the stargate sequence from 2001

  2. That is classic. I know if I got drunk in that bar and saw those squid pics I would be arrested for defacing a public establishment.

  3. Sounds like a cool bar, and an interesting walk home. Although to be fair, any walk with you is interesting Nick.
    I saw you on the TV tonight.