Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time's running out in Kapiti

I'm getting ready to leave the beautiful Kapiti Coast and return to the Big Smoke. But in the days before I leave I thought I might just share with you a few goodies I've picked up while I've been here. 

First up this sweet 24-hour flip clock I found at a second hand shop in Waikanae. I've never seen anything like this before and it's got some sweet little features. Needless to say this will become a the basis for a very 70s take on a cuckoo clock. 

Speaking of cuckoo clocks here's a lovely little number that my friend Annie gave to me. It used to be her Grandmothers. It's my first bird styled clock. Most of my others have been hunting clocks. I'm going to have to find something a bit special to do with little beauty. 

Now this one is really interesting. It's huge! And it's made in Japan. I picked this one up in Lower Hutt. Inside it's like no other clock I've seen before it's a hybrid between mechanical and electrical parts. When I get to work on it I'll post some pictures of the insides. Very strange.

A shoe box full of vacuum tubes. What a mad find. As you know I'm trying to embrace old technology in my clocks. So why not build an electronic cuckoo clock powered by valves?

 Just a closer look at what these little wonders look like. 

And finally. Some old level meters acquired from "The Toolbox" in Petone a shop that sells old tools and technology. I'm sure there's a way I can get these bakerlite beauties to tell time. 

So lots of fun stuff to look forward to getting stuck into. Stay posted. 


  1. Bakerlite is one of man's greatest inventions. Everything looks like candy. Nothing has a sheen to it like authentic bakerlite does. If I wasn't a toy collector I would so be into looking for that stuff, especially if it was used to construct something different than the traditional cups and plates.

    Can you explain to someone not knowledgable in the nuances of your beatiful country what 'Kapiti Coast' and 'Big Smoke' are.

  2. Just for you Kal I've included some links for Kapiti Coast and Auckland AKA Big Smoke.

    Nothings to stop you collecting bakerlite toys. :)