Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let's get this party started...

“A good friend will help you move. A great friend will help you move a body.”

Hello fruitcakes. Well you’re probably wondering where I’ve been. Simple answer is I’ve been moving house. Finally we’re in our new digs and I’m using this as an opportunity to start work on some projects that have been bothering me for a few years now.

There will be T-shirts. There will be home furnishings. There will be art works. And, yes, there will be blood. And tears.

But here’s the thing. I figure I’ll need your help. I work best under pressure so today is day one. I’m going to take this room that I’ve set aside and turn this unholy mess into my base of operations. From here I will make some of my mad ideas into reality. It’s the first step so watch this space....


  1. work hard little King of the Woods... we look forward to seeing your progress

  2. Fantastic news! Creation is not just something God can do and we Wards just dig that.

  3. I see you are not yet familiar with the concept of purchasing large numbers of plastic crates with handles and lockable lids to make your shift more organised. A total solution of 25 uniformly sized crates is not only aesthetic, but space efficient. I never move house without mine. Some sleep with me.

    There is no need to ever unpack, they become memento-filled furniture, and room dividers. If see-through, then clothing and other useful items can be retrieved as, and when, required. No need for expensive purchases like wardrobes (no pun intended) or drawers (pun intended).

    Mine get stacked against walls, providing valuable insulation and reducing illness in the winter months. They may just be a cure for the common cold. And cancer. Maybe.

    If embarking on a career as a serial killer, just think how tidily your corpses can be stowed until disposal day. And they are plastic, so liquids won't seep and ooze onto carpet as they may do with randomly sized cardboard boxes sourced from Pak N Save.

    I highly recommend a large scale purchase of plastic storage bins immediately in anticipation of a future move. You know you want to.