Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello new visitors,

I'm hoping that some of you have come to visit due to the madness that is my printer auction. For those of you new the story of the demonic printer you can get a rundown by visiting this link:

Yep I'm a man with way too much time on my hands and those of you that know me well will be aware that I like to amuse myself with various projects. Be it traveling in time,  buying hubcapsburning booksweighting junk mail, photographing abandoned couches, recording my drunken travels and, of course, making clocks. Click on any of these words to find out the story behind these exploits.

Anyway welcome to my new friends. I will keep you updated on the fate of the Demonic Printer here and you can see how my clocks are progressing. At some stage I'm going to have to start selling them I guess.

Stay gold,



  1. Hi Nick, loved your auction - still wiping tears from my eyes at the squid answers! You're clearly a man to keep an eye on (in a sensible, non-stalking way, of course.) Thanks for the giggles!
    Bev Robitai

  2. I know this is a daft question, but do you have any spare pendulumn for my cuckoo clock? It is a maple leaf.

    1. I think I do. If not I can make you one. Are you missing the whole pendulum or just part of it. For the record I love daft questions if you read the trademe Q&As you'll know that.

  3. yes I'm missing the whole thing. As far as I can remember it had a metal hook at the top and the maple leaf was a tight fit against the wooden pole which could move up and down to adjust the speed to get the time accurate. My clock has a door where the cuckoo pops his head out, or is it a she?? By the way, I just watched the destruction of that horrible printer on seven sharp. Well done, great entertainment. I feel sorry for your lovely car having to waste petrol and energy on the heap of garbage. Still now you can sleep at night ha ha. Can you email me? it is richardhowardnorman at gmail dot com to exchange details etc. I am also very interested in one of your clocks with the two voltmeter dials. Very clever idea.Regards Richard

  4. Hi Nick, I haven't received an email yet, I am interested in buying a clock and a pendulum for my other one. Regards Richard