Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still Making Time

So, finally, I've finished another clock and this baby is special because this is the first custom clock mechanism I ever constructed. It's taken me this long to teach myself all the skills to build the rest of the clock...

Here's my post about building the mechanism here - FLIPPING CUCKOO.

I built the mechanism, wired it, designed it, painted it and, well, did everything.

 I wanted this one to be a little bit special because it was the first so while all the other Wood of Kings clocks have been black so far this baby is white. What's more it features a new header I've molded - an owl. And I've also used the new winged skull I designed. And the Wood of Kings logo that I designed using Inkscape and had laser cut by the fine people at Ponoko.

I'm so proud of this chronometer and it gives me huge pleasure to share the finished product with you.

"Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in."
-Henry David Thoreau.


  1. That is a sweet piece of craft there my friend. Where does you love for the Cuckoo Clock come from?

  2. Kal I got left my great uncle's cuckoo clock that he won in a spelling competition just over ninety years ago. All the kids in the family fondly remember the clock. Sadly it was in terrible condition. I repaired it and when it was done I had so much fun I decided to keep building cuckoo clocks it's my place of zen it seems...

  3. Yo Nick! Gotta start posting more shit man! I wanna see/read more!

    Love, Doug

    1. Sorry Doug life got in the way. Things are about to get more exciting very quickly stay tuned...