Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr Grodbort needs your Vote!

Hi all, sorry to come pleading but the little film I made with the Design School needs your vote. Please give us your time and the precious clicking of your voting finger on your keyboard. Tell your friends and family it'd be great to get this lot the recognition they deserve!

My love and undying respect in advance.

How and you can vote each day. So get click happy.

Vote for DR. GRODBORT PRESENTS: THE DEADLIEST GAME by clicking this link HERE.

Vote for DAS TUB but clicking this link HERE.

Read all about it HERE. 


  1. Nick,
    Just stumbled across this blog, love it!
    Great photos! Your clocks kill man!

    Keep up the great posts,

    Doug Dutton

  2. A new member! Doug (can I call you Doug) welcome to the little slice of my life. And anyone else out there - check out Doug's blogs he's pretty ace. Apart from the scary staring eyes.