Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tell Your Mum To Stop Texting Me

Chalk this one up to experience. 

As you know over the years I have enjoyed finding things on the ground

Sometimes I pick these things up and take them home. Other times I can't take them so I just document them. 

Here - for your enjoyment - are some chalk drawings I've spotted over the years. Some funny, some strange and some just plain disturbing...

So you just want me to pay attention to the one cheek then?

You can't see it from the picture but that cute drawing of the little girl was huge. She's about eight feet tall.

This one was actually followed by various poems written all over the pavement. I haven't included them as they were terrible. Really really terrible.

A have crossed that line so many, many times...

This is not only disturbing but historically accurate. Thankfully for the Nazi's didn't develop the A bomb.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the next one I found...

Must be some pretty good tuna. 

I hope you've enjoyed this walk on the chalk. My collecting this stuff must be in my DNA. Check out my cousin's site here: Weird in Wellington. He gets a lot more stuff than me. 

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