Sunday, June 26, 2011

When Your Numbers Up...

I'm still trying to juggle work and compiling my photos from my big trip. In the meantime, in order to inject some small amount of life into my old blog, I've decided to post these pictures.

For reasons best known to my ravaged brain I seem to have a fascination for photographing numbers as I find them out and about. Here are all my recent numbers in the order I snapped them:

Interestingly if you add all these numbers up (and assign the numbers 1 to the letter A and 2 to the letter B for where they fall numerically in the alphabet) you end up with the number 2249.

2249 Yamamoto (1942 GA) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on April 6, 1942 by Karl Reinmuth at Heidelberg. Now Mr Reinmuth - for those of you that don't know him - was a prolific discoverer of asteroids (he discovered almost 400 of them). But here's another interesting fact about him: The initials of the minor planets 1227 through 1234 - all discovered by Reinmuth - spell out "G. Stracke". This German astronomer and orbit computer had asked that no planet be named after him. In this manner Reinmuth was able to honour Stracke whilst also honouring his wish. Wasn't that nice? And a bit sneaky. 


  1. Veeeeery interesting.
    You've an eye for detail my friend.