Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walk a Crooked Line

I'm rather pleased with the title of this posting. In fact it's a pretty good title for my autobiography. Anyway I was at a party a few nights ago and my friend James was telling me how much he enjoys my blog. I apologised as there hasn't been a great deal going on here on the Wood of Kings. I did put that post up about the success of my play. I offered. Nah, fuck that, more of your drunken walks - that's what Jimmy wants and what Mr Lovebucket wants Mr Lovebucket gets. 

As luck would have it I've been attending a lot of stuff in town - thank you NZ comedy festival - so there have been a few drunken walks home of late. And a couple of them I have snapped off a few shots. As before I have little memory of taking these pictures or what interested me about them in the first place but come let's take a stroll down drunken memory lane together shall we?

This first selection come from a really foggy night a little while ago. The truth is you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of your nose. 

Ooh arty. 

My journey from town generally takes me down Williamson Ave. There's a great little takeaway at the end of this road that supplies egg burgers that my drunken tastebuds crave. 
Now in order to take this next shot I would've needed to be standing in the middle of the road. A drunk, dressed in black, standing in the middle of a road at two in the morning trying to take a photograph. I can see no danger in that; can you?

People familiar with Williamson will recognise this bit of street art. It's been there for a long time and in recent years the Queen has received a black face makeover I see. Something about the sentiment obviously appealed to my beer goggles. And since we have had a royal wedding not so long ago I think it's relevant. I guess. 

This one is a complete mystery to me. Somehow I found something of interest here in the back of a skip (or Brukes Bins as we called them when I was a kid). 

Again I have no idea about these next shots but something must've interested me about this window because I took literally hundreds of photos of it. 

This one here is a gem. What part of "No Circulars" didn't the poster understand. I also love the fact it's rolled up too. That's the icing on this particular cake for me.  Refer to my previous post for my thoughts on this issue. Check out my junk!

And - YES! - joy another abandoned couch to add to my collection.  

This next one puts me in mind of the Oscar Wilde quote:

"We're all in the gutter, 
but some of us are looking at the stars."

I was looking for stars in the gutter. Story of my life really. 

Now I do happen to know exactly what this one is about. These are that signs we have here in New Zealand to warn us about judder bars. But fore me it looks like there's an egg on toast up ahead. 

Am I right?

I bet, from now on, whenever you see one of these signs you'll think about fried eggs. Welcome to my world. 

Right Jimmy are you happy now? Now, I'm thirsty, is there anything to drink around here? 

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