Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hard as Bricks

This is an actual picture of a Desert Eagle pistol designed by Magnum Research in USA and manufactured by IMI in Israel. An iconic weapon. So I thought it might be fun to try and make one out of Lego. With apologies to Dan who suggested I make it out of cheese and also to Kal who isn't happy about the opportunities modern Lego offers us.  

So step one. Take a big pile of black Lego. 

Then I guess the best place to start is the handle.

That's looking good. Now maybe I should randomly move on to the main body of the weapon. 

That's the trigger. I'm using a rubber band to make it work. Oh yes did I forget to mention? This will be an operational handgun. John Malkovich used springs in his plastic gun in the movie "In The Line Of Fire" but the problem with springs is they tend to set off metal detectors so mine will be utilizing the mighty power of rubber. Anyway, moving onto next steps... 

There's the handle in the background, awaiting some attention. The firing mechanism is coming together nicely I think you'll agree. Next we need to start bringing this puppy together.

There we go. Looking more and more like a bought one. 

 And finally some sexy shots of the complete article. 

And here is is in action. 

So now. Bullets. The actual Desert Eagle fires .357, .41 and .44 Magnum cartridges. Now I suspect that they might cause my lego gun to explode in my hand so in the interests of safety I will be using .50 Action Express cartridges in my Desert Eagle.

I'll be taking it out to an isolated lake close to my home to test it tomorrow if anyone is interested in coming to have a look. However - be warned - I will have to kill you afterwards. 


  1. THis is concerning on many levels

  2. Holy Crap - now they can make guns out of Lego. I have to say I am legitimately freaked out especially by the live action demonstration. Freakin' Lego.

  3. - this is jacqui's tumblr. She is pretty awesome isn't she?

  4. Cheers! So Awesome. Hoping to trial the brick gun on the weekend I will make sure I record footage of me blowing my hand off. :)